“The world is not a factory, and animals are not a product for our use” –Arthur Schopenhauer

“Why do you think we attribute human behavior to animals?”
“The animal as a being is close to man, a living counterpart. In many areas of life the animal is present as an image, as can be seen in advertising, for example. Traits are transported with the animal that are universal and valid beyond countryborders.
”The being is one focus of the work of the sculptor Bronislava von Podewils. It is about closeness in observation and freedom in execution. She depicts animals in all the media she chooses and materials she works in, such as sculpture, bronze, graphics and drawing. Yet von Podewils’ motivation is different from pure repre-sentation or idealization. She is not interested in the lifelike representation of ani-mals; despite that the animals always remain clearly recognizable and have been excellently observed by her before, she deviates from the purely realistic depic-tion in her shapes and forms.
“With my spontaneous and impulsive way of working, I develop an expressive, plastic language that gives my work great vitality and lightness, in my opinion.”