Geflechte aus Wellpappe

Interweaving of Corrugated Cardboard

Many years ago, von Podewils discovered the use of corrugated cardboard for therealization of her sculptures. Corrugated cardboard, commonly recognized from its use in packaging, consists of paperboards with a fluted, thicker, corrugated sheet inserted in between the boards. This gives the cardboard ample stability. Only a few artists in the plastic field work with corrugated cardboard. “What is your approach to the working process?””The sculptures are constructed by me in a complex way from many individual layers and forms in such a way that a solid body is created. The form of the crea-ture or object emerges layer by layer. The rough edges of the cuts are not smoothed out during the process. An open-pored surface remains visible and sometimes even allows one to see through it.“The imprints and colors of the packaging are incorporated into the work and inte-grated into the sculpture. In advance, the artist glazes cardboard in several layers with paint. Next, these colored pieces of cardboard are cut out and attached to-gether. It is important for Bronislava von Podewils that she can work freely and independently with the material. She can easily carry, assemble, and rearrange the works herself, unlike stone or wood sculptures.